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Our Services

The Plastic Surgery department offers a wide variety of plastic and reconstructive surgery techniques to tailor each procedure to meet your specific healthcare needs.

  Restore your youthfulness...

    •   Botox, Fillers
    •   Eye lid: Upper and lower lid, transconjunctival lid plasty, reconstructive surgery
    •   Cheek augmentation
    •   Structural fat transfer for facial rejuvenation
    •   Lip augmentation
    •   Face lift,BrowLift, Neck Lift
    •   Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
    •   Otoplosty (Ear Job)
    •   Hair Transplantation

  The art of feminization…

    •   Breast augmentation (Implants, fat grafting)
    •  Breast reduction
    •  Breast lift
    •  Liposuction of lateral breast rolls

  Body Sculpturing:
  A Sculptured Body is a Walking Masterpiece…

    •  Liposuction- Fat Transfer
    •  Gynecomastia
    •  Abdominoplasty, tummy tuck
    •  Arm lifts
    •  Thigh lifts
    •  Buttock augmentation (fat transfer and implants)
    •  Buttock Lift

  Post Bariatric Surgery (after Major Weight Loss):
  Enjoy your achievements today…

    •  Belt lipectomy
    •  Upper and lower body lift
    •  Postbariatric breast surgery (lift, reduction, augmentation)

  Scar correction and secondary procedures:
    •  Scar correction after burns and other injuries
    •  Reconstructive surgeries

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