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Our Services

Scope of Services:

Diagnosis, Management and Treatment of:

  -   Ears :

    ·   Inflammatory diseases as Otitis Media, External Otitis and Secretory Otitis media with effusion behind Ear Drum.
    ·  Tinnitus and Dizziness Ear Surgery:
    ·  Hearing Disorders
    ·  Tympanometry, Audiometry and Audio Lab
    ·  Ear surgery: as Myringotomy and ventilation tubes, Tympanoplasty,Mastoid Exploration and Otoplasty, Drainage of Ear Hematoma and Abscess
    ·  Removal of Foreign Bodies

  -   Nose :
    ·  Treating of Acute and Chronic Rhino-Sinusitis,
    ·  Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis
    ·  Ablation of Hypertrophy of Nasal Turbinates by Radio-Frequency.
    ·  Correction of Septal Deviation.
    ·  Diagnosis and Treatment of other nasal problems as nasal obstruction caused by Polyps
    ·  Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy
    ·  Snoring Management

  -  Throat :
   •  Treatment of Acute and Chronic Throat Disorders
   •  Throat Surgeries as Removal of Adenoid, Tonsils, Tongue Tie, Foreign Bodies.
    ·  Voice and Swallowing Difficulties
    ·  Laryngoscope and Laryngo-Microsurgery for Removal of Polyps, Nodules and Masses from the vocal cords and larynx.
    ·  Throat Abscess Drainage
    ·  Foreign body removal as fish bone and other foreign bodies.