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  • Yousef Ben Hamoud Street,

    P.O. Box 6661, Salmiya 22077,Kuwait

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Our Services

  • Shockwave stones crushing (ESWL) and endoscopic stones extractions
  • Diagnoses and treats androndological diseases (erectile dysfunction, andropause, male infertility)
  • Diagnoses and treats female urology including urine incontinence and neurogenic bladder by using urodynamic studies to distinguish among all types of urinary incontinence
  • Open and endoscopic surgery for kidney masses and stones, using percutaneous and ureteroscopic techniques
  • Transurethral resection of bladder masses and prostate
  • Provides flexible endoscopies for adults and children for upper and lower urinary tract
  • Treatment of difficult cases of chronic prostatitis and male voiding dysfunctions