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The Lithoskop

New Mowasat Hospital is pleased to bring you the latest innovative technology for urology -Lithoskop by Siemens, German technology renowned for quality and reliability. Designed for both diagnosis and therapy, the LITHOSKOP is used for the treatment of urinary tract stones and other urological applications. It provides a very high level of comfort and efficiency. LITHOSKOP’s most exciting innovation is the unique and flexible positioning that allows for treatments without patient repositioning. The LITHOSKOP offers a new extremely efficient electromagnetic shockwave system: Pulso. The great advantage of Pulso is the unique technology that leads to high stone disintegration rates with almost all kidney stones being disintegrated during the first session. Clear and brilliant images are crucial for effective patient care. Therefore Siemens has engineered LITHOSKOP with a high performance X-Ray generator, a high resolution and digital imaging for outstanding image quality. Its multi-functionality, efficiency and outstanding comfort for< the patient open a new chapter in the urology treatment. For more information and appointment scheduling, please call
1-82-6666, ext. 2225.

Right kidney stone treatment
Ureteral stone treatment
Left kidney stone treatment
The flexible shockwave system provides optimal stone disintegration