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Operational Duties
1. Ensures availability in attending to all requirements in the postnatal wards, NICU, Nursery, LDR and Theatre in rotating shifts under the supervision of the Neonatology Consultant/Specialist.
2. Informs the Consultant/Specialist about new admissions or significant changes in the clinical condition of admitted cases
3. Undertakes daily assessment of the neonates, which includes:
  • Evaluation of progress
  • Revision of care management where appropriate
  • Daily progress notes
  • Discharge examination
4. Arranges appropriate investigations for Inpatients and follow up of all results, referring difficult cases to the Consultant/Specialist.
5. Attends caesarean sections(CS) and high-risk deliveries for the purpose of resuscitation and stabilization of the newborn
6. Completes all documentation for cases as required:
  • Records all procedures performed, medical notes and any significant changes in medical management
  • Documents the observations twice a day for all ventilated babies (on the day and night shifts) and daily for non-ventilated babies with acute illnesses or babies in Nursery and NICU
  • Ensures all new admissions during the shift are entered into the NICU computer database
  • Records observations, any plan of action post review of babies in the postnatal ward or after attending a delivery in the medical notes.
  • Completes paper works in event of death
  • Anticipates discharges as far as possible and completes the discharge summary prior to discharge/transfer from the unit during the shift; ensures accuracy and adequacy of all details about the baby’s neonatal course
7. Hands over all the important and relevant information to the Registrar for the next shift including results pending, investigations to be carried out, discharge summaries to be completed and the specific instructions of the Neonatology Consultant/Specialist
8. Ensures appropriate communication with the Neonatology Consultant, nursing staff and referring physicians to facilitate ongoing management of the baby.
9. Ensures that the receiving Neonatologist is aware of baby’s details, which are to be transferred to other hospitals by making appropriate contact.
10. Maintains communication with parents, notifying them of their baby’s progress and all procedures and investigations that are to be done on their baby
11. Deals appropriately with any requests for perinatal/neonatal transfers for other hospitals; in consultation with Neonatology Consultant.
12. Carries out responsibilities as Day Registrar (NICU):
  • Takes care of stabilization of babies and enters new admission into the database
  • Examines every baby daily in NICU
  • Hands over information at the end of the shift
13. Performs Night Registrar duties(NICU, labor floor calls and postnatal ward):
  • Presents all babies on the morning handover round to the Consultant and day team
  • Follows up and writes the lab results ready for morning rounds
14. Attends all CS and labor floor calls
15. Ensures a proper discharge examination and follow up plan is arranged for every baby, prior to the discharge from NICU/Nursery
16. Performs following emergency and elective procedures without supervision
  • Endotracheal intubation
  • Umbilical venous catheter insertion
  • Umbilical arterial catheter insertion
  • Exchange transfusion
  • Insertion of peripheral venous line
  • Arterial and venous blood sampling
  • Suprapubic urine collection
  • Bladder catheterization in male and female
  • Gastric intubation
  • Ear Piercing
17. Performs following emergency and elective procedures with supervision
  • Intercostal chest tube insertion
  • Lumber puncture
  • Percutaneous long central line insertion
  • Patient Care
18. Considers the patient’s safety as the first priority while working.
19. Includes the parents/guardians in discussions concerning appropriate diagnostic and management procedures.
20. Assesses, plans, implements and evaluates patient care needs.
21. Follows and applies all instructions as directed by the Consultant/ Head of Department regarding patient management and care
22. Maintains a work environment that promotes high standards for patient care and ethical behavior.
23. Participates regularly with other department staff, in decision-making related to patient care
Compliance with Medical Ethics
24. Ensures implementation of the standard concepts, practices, and procedures within the field of Pediatric Medicine
25. Exhibits appropriate personal and interpersonal professional behavior; practices medicine ethically and stays consistent with the obligations of a physician.
26. Recognizes limits of personal skills and knowledge by appropriately consulting other Physicians while caring for the patient.
27. Shows a pattern of maintaining current personal clinical skills and knowledge by continuing medical education.
Other Duties
28. Initiates continuous quality improvement programs for populations served
29. Attends regularly scheduled meeting for the improvement of patient care services and delivery
30. Participate actively in the Hospital educational program, clinical audits, and research.
31. Performs all other additional assignments as requested by the Clinical Director- Pediatric Medicine