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The Dental Technician is responsible for construction and repair of dentures and dental appliances. He/ She handles all phases of work related to production of false dentures, porcelain jacket crowns, inlays, veneers and Orthodontic appliances.

1. Studies prescriptions and specifications, examine models and impressions, plans work, designs, constructs, re-works and/or adjusts dental appliances.
2. Carries out all written instructions by the dentist using models and impressions of patient’s teeth or mouth.
3. Constructs and prepares dental prosthesis such as crowns with metal, bridges, veneers, metal free crowns and dentures.
4. Plans and constructs porcelain, jacket crowns, bridges inlays, and repairs porcelain teeth.
5. Carries out tasks such as; mixing ingredients, filling dental appliance moulds and working with gold and other metals.
6. Sculpts and builds forms with wax, bending and soldering wires, grinding and polishing finished work.
7. Constructs and re-works orthodontic appliances such as space maintainers, retainers and positioners.
8. Prepares Indirect Bonding set ups for Orthodontic cases.
9. Prepares Night Guards, Study Models and wax set-ups.
10. Writes referral notes to doctors.
11. Undertakes continuing education and training (CET).
12. Mentors, guides and trains junior staff.
13. Administers, organizes and plans the development of the practice.
14. Attends regularly scheduled meeting for the improvement of patient care services and delivery.
15. Performs all other additional assignments as requested by the Dentists and the Clinical Director-Dental.
  1. Heads & Employees of Other Departments
  2. Visiting & NMH Doctors/ Physicians
  3. Nursing/Reception Staff
  1. Patients Relatives & Friends
  2. Medical Representatives
  3. General Public
Education : Graduate of a Two-Year Program in Dental Technology post High School Basic Life Support Certification is desirable
Licensing: Valid License from Ministry of Health- Kuwait to practice as Dental Laboratory Technician.
Experience :Preferably 5 years’ experience as a Dental Technician
OTHER SKILLS: Technical Skills: Ability to handle tools such as burners, lathes, drills, presses, high heat furnaces, grinding & polishing machines and other hand tools
Administrative Skills: Quality Control and operation monitoring skills; Visualization, problem sensitivity and reasoning skills.
Soft Skills: Good Communication and Inter-Personal skills. Computer Skills: MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), Internet and Hospital MIS Language Skills: Good in written and spoken English, Arabic is preferred.
Works primarily in an air conditioned, well-lighted and comfortable dental laboratory with laboratory instruments for carving and shaping with tools like drills, lathes, etc.
Works with high heat furnaces for creating prosthetic devices and may be exposed to hazardous chemicals, noise, odors and fumes.
May have to work long hours and in shifts.
Occasionally involves prolonged standing, bending and lifting supplies/equipments.