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  1. Maintains Hospital policies, procedures and codes of professional conduct.
  2. Ensures patient’s care is safely performed as per Nursing practice standards.
  3. Refers to customized documented care plan and executes care accordingly.
  4. Provides patient care in a number of areas, including hygiene and physical needs, such as

      •   Newborn Care:
        >  Bathing
        >  Feeding
        >  Changing diapers etc.

      •   Geriatric bedridden / Paralyzed, Handicapped Patients Care:
        >  Sponge bathing
        >  Gastric tube feeding in Elderly patients.
        >  Oral medication intake schedule.
        >  General personal hygiene for bedridden and handicapped patients.
  5. Monitors the medical condition of the patient and administers medications and treatments as prescribed by the patient’s physician.
  6. Observes any changes in behavior or health of the patient and reports the status of their patient’s progress to Physicians and family members.
  7. Provides social support and companionship to their patients, who may be completely house-bound and not receive many visitors.
  8. Measures vital signs such as temperature, respiration and blood pressure.